Arturetto Landi


Career or vocation? Arturetto Landi started off as a chemist and was drawn into the world of perfume by chance.
Traveling to England after graduation, all he wanted to do was to learn English as a prelude to a career at sea. That changed when he landed a casual job with a fragrance company. His training took him to H&R in Holzminden; his career to New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Vienna before eventually joining MANE Dubai as a Senior Perfumer in 2005.

Landi’s perfumes are opulent, complex and composed as a grand opera for the nose.
He thanks his father, a chef, for his love of the sensual. His childhood on the Italian Riviera has a great impact as well. Rather than draw inspiration solely from the past, fragrance designer Landi is also very happy to do so from far-off places. He is especially fond of the scents of Arabia.

Fragrances by Arturetto Landi