Miguel Matos


Joining Fragrantica in 2013, Miguel Matos quickly became an illuminating presence in the fragrance sphere. Acclaimed for his exquisite, in-depth scent depictions, Miguel possesses a vast knowledge of both contemporary niche and timeless vintage scents. Recently, his ventures expanded to curating innovative scent art exhibitions and delving into personal perfume formulations.

His debut blend, "Jungle Jezebel" by Sarah Baker Perfumes, seamlessly interweaves divergent scent motifs, challenging perceptions of duality. Following this, he collaborated with the renowned Turkish brand Nishane, resulting in a unique scent fusion. He then introduced several captivating fragrances through his brand, Miguel Matos Perfumes.

As a distinguished writer, editor, and artisanal perfumer, Matos's brilliance has been acknowledged by industry elites and exemplified by winning the Art and Olfaction Awards twice.

Fragrances by Miguel Matos